About Us

Why should you buy handmade?

Handmade Adventures is a place where old ideas get a new life. Whether we make the crafts ourselves or find them, we seek to honor traditional and time-tested techniques and methods of making things, and we believe that buying handmade items from independent artists and craftsmen rather than mass-produced goods is a better choice for a variety of reasons.

Handmade items, or “practical art,” tend to last longer. You may sometimes pay more upfront, but you’ll save money over the long term. Even better, you have the opportunity to support an artist. You know exactly where your money is going!

The “History Corner” focuses on a time in East Tennessee and Pigeon Forge when sacrifice and hard work weren’t just admirable traits. They were a day-to-day necessity, and they forged the character of the people who learned them. The Corner inspires customers and offers a few images and reminders from the past. We hope that you’ll see something you’ve never seen before and want to join us in having fun doing things the old-fashioned way.